Waxing with warm wax in basel

In Carol's Beauty Bar in Basel wird Haarentfernung leichtgemacht mit Warmwachs
Waxing Kosmetikstudio Basel

Hair removal for men and women for a smooth skin which lasts about 4 weeks. 

When you do the waxing regularly the hairgrowth will be reduced or even stopped.

After the waxing the skin can be irritated and you should avoid sea salt water or chlor, sunbathing or sauna/steam bath. 

Waxing is not recommended at areas where you have allergies, injuries or fresh scars, inflammed skin, sunburnt skin.

  • Legs half                                         50.-
  • Legs full                                          80.-
  • Bikini                                               30.-
  • Axles                                               20.-
  • Arms half                                        30.-
  • Arms full                                         50.-
  • Back  men                                       80.-             
  • Back women                                   60.-
  • Chest                                              50.-
  • Chest and belly                              80.-
  • upper lip                                        15.-


Haarentfernung mit Wachs im Kosmetikstudio Basel
Waxing in Basel