Mesoporation Treatment in basel

excellent anti Aging treatment

luxury which goes Deep under your skin

Mesoporation is an Innovation which is the best what you get for your skin without needles.

The principe it is like mesotherapy but without needles and without pain. 

Mesoporation is a unique method that allows a transdermal delivery of active substances in the dermis, using professional esthetic and electromedical machines.

The electroporation was discovered by two doctors which found out that with a certain field of electricity, canals in our skin will be open for a moment which is great to transport products as for example hyaluronic acid deep into your cells. They won the nobel Prize for discovering that method.


For us means that a better looking skin, lines and wrinkles can be softened, glowing skin, hyperpigmentations can fade away, you will look fresher.


The mesoporation is more efficient than ultrasound or Iontophorese.

In the beauty market we have not so many real mesoporation devices. There are firms which sell Iontopherese instead of mesoporation but they name it mesoporation.

Mesoporation Needs NO backplate electrode which is in your hand or on your wrist. (this is Ionophorese then).

Mesoporation Anti Age- Behandlung für Gesicht und Körper in  Basel
Gesichtsbehandlungen Basel

mesoporation and mesolaser concept

Kosmetikstudio Basel bietet Gesichtsbehandlungen an die gegen Falten wirken!
Anti-Age Behandlung in Basel

Benefits of the real mesoporation

  • Reduction of wrinkles and lines
  • Fresher looking skin
  • Skinfilling booster
  • Helps against hyperpigmentation and acne
  • Collagen rebuildung and a better metabolism with the laser

mesoporation can't be done when:

  • You are pregnant
  • you have a Pacemaker
  • you have epilepsie
  • Cancer or have radioherapy
  • after Botox treatment you have to wait for at least 30 days.

prices mesoporation

Cleansing, peeling, brows if needed, mesoporation with vitamins or hyaluronic acids, finishing cream. 

Face 60 Min.                                                                             179.-


Face with massage ca. 75Min.                                                  189.-


only nasolabial folde                                                                60.-

only forehead                                                                            60.-

only lips combined in a face treatment                                    15.-



Face with throat 75 Min.                                                           214.-

 with massage                                                                           224.-


Face, throat and decoletee ca. 90 Min.                                      234.-

with massage                                                                            244.-