microneedling in basel

Microneedling ist die beste Behandlung zur Verschönerunng ihrer Haut. Mit den besten medizinischen Kosmetikprodukten wird das Needling von einer Fachspezialistin in Hauttherapie durchgeführt.
Microneedling for a better skin- Kosmetikstudio Basel

Anti-Aging power microneedling

Microneedling is an excellent treatment to generate a newbuilding of skincells and rejuvenate the skin. The skin structure will be better, pigmentation can go away, the pores will be refined, wrinkles can be flattened. Also against scars it is helpful. The idea of microneedling is to hurt the skin with micro injuries which is stimualting a wound healing process. This process goes always with producing collagen and elastin, which is important for a thightened skin. The second good reason for the microneedling is that we bring in active components in a concentrate with an impact of 3000 times higher than without, so it goes also deeper into your skin.

how many times i have to do microneedling?

Of course you have already an effect when you do it one time. But it is more efficient when you do it more often.

I recommend a repetition after 4 weeks, at least for 3 to 6 times. 

Special when you have skin problems or mature skin it takes more needling treatments and more time. 

You can do the microneedling also as a prevent procedure. 

I recommend as well to use a concentrate for home use to support the process. It's important that you use high quality products at home. I work with medical cosmetics from the brand med beauty swiss which are high concentrated and devised to go deep into your skin where it is necessary.  Effects are in scientific studies proofed. 

why microneedling at carol's Beauty bar

  • Medical staff
  • Medical equipment
  • High costumer satisfaction
  • no or only little side effects
  • Individual advice

is microneedling painful?

It depends on your sensibility and on the deepness we use with the needles. How deep we needle depends on different things. In general it is good tolerated and there's no need to anaesthesize the skin. (which is actually better because the cream to anaesteshize is not what we want to put deeper into your skin)

in which case i can't do the microneedling?

Microneedling should not be done when your skin is inflamed or sun burnt, when you take cortison, by infections, when you have a acut herpes simplex infection, open wounds.

microneedling against scars example

Microneedling lässt Narben verschwinden
Microneedling in Basel

On this pictures you see a great example for what microneedling is doing.

This young man had deep scars from a acne he had in past. As you can see, the skin structure ist much more better, refined and the scars are outgrown by time. Microneedling stimulates the skin cells to renew faster and the building of good collagen and elastin which is also very helpful to tighten the skin.

Let do the skin the work for you without side effects! An excellent treatment for everybody even for sensitive skin.

Microneedling hilft bei Hautproblemen jeglicher Art.
Microneedling in Basel

Microneedling with the pen for a better skin.